Abyssal Infants update 3

Another small update.

This time there is one more stage and one new enemy.

I have to create a Boss to complete this section but this is going to take some time.

There is also an update in the menu.

Now there are selections.

Classic Mode

Same as it was before. You gather upgrades between the levels etc.

Section Select

Here you can choose the section you want to start. The game is similar to classic mode but you start at the selected section with the upgrades up to that point.

There are 5 sections for the game but Section 5 is the same with Section 4 for now.

Arcade Mode

This one starts from the begining like the Classic Mode but you have all the upgrades of the game from the start and you do not upgrade during the game.

It is like an easy mode as it will allow the players to advance easier but the last stages will remain hard as the Classic Mode.

1CC Mode

This is like the Arcade Mode but your lifes do not fill up between the stages and if you loose all of your lifes the game is over.

This one is like a hard Arcade mode.


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