Abyssal Infants on PSX without Input Lag?

This update is very experimental. I tested this over DuckStation and it seems to work without any problems.

There is a possibility that in real hardware there is going to be some screan tearing but I get nothing like that in DuckStation. (I have to get this xstation to be able to test my games in real HW)

So what is changed.

Till now the game had an Input Lag of 3 frames. Meaning that you hit the fire button and you get 2 frames of no change and on the next one you see the change.

At first I thought that this was a general problem with the bios of PSX and that this was the reason I was getting this lag.

Another idea was that the whole thing was happening cause of double buffering.

So I started changing the game to be with a single buffer. This made the game to be with 2 frames input lag.

In the process of doing this I got an idea that by moving the VSync command to another place (after sending the new drawing orders) I will get the input lag even lower.

And this thing worked. Now the Input Lag is 1 frame. It is the absolute minimum input lag.

So this way Abyssal Infants became a game without input lag at all.

This is very strange cause the commercial games I tested for the input lag always had at least 3 frames of input lag.

So if there is no problem on real HW this means that Abyssal Infants is one rare game on PSX without input lag.

Please download the file abyssal_infants_psx.zip and report if you can see any problems.

Hope that there will be none...


abyssal_infants_psx.zip 29 MB
Nov 08, 2021

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Looking forward to trying the PSX version on hardware using PSIO this weekend! Unfortunately I couldn't get it to start on epsxe on Android

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A problem with the y offset of the screen had been reported over PSX PAL version but users had been reporting that it is playable.

I would love to hear back from you.