Abyssal Infants for NeoGeo now with Bosses.

The Bosses are back for the NeoGeo.

Also there was a report that the .neo file did not work for the Mister FPGA.

So now there is a new .neo file created with the NeoBuilder. 

Please report if this is working.

Also the ssideki.zip is back. This one is a rom that can be used with MAME. It replaces the Super Side Kick game cause MAME do not allow for homebrew games. But this way you will run the ssideki you will get a warning from MAME that this may not work properly. But it will work.

That's all for now.

Please report any problems.



abyssal_infants.neo 6 MB
Sep 01, 2021
ssideki.zip 126 kB
Sep 01, 2021

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