Sound is on for the NeoGeo version plus extra changes.

Thanks to the tool NGFX SoundBuilder sound is now on for the NeoGeo version.

But with some limitations in the music department.

NGFX is really good at playing sound samples. This is realy good for soundfx but in music we end up with huge files.

Given that right now Abyssal Infants pretents that it is the Super Side Kick NeoGeo game (that's why the mame version is named we end up with 2mb for sounds. The result was that we got all the soundfx up to 18.5khz that is quite common for NeoGeo games, but for in the same space I had to put and the music. This turns out that I was able to put 4 musics files 3 at 16khz and one at 8khz. So for the quality of the music all blame belongs to me for storing it in so low hz.

It's a shame cause NeoGeo can play FM synthesis music but right now we do not have any sound driver to play it. And for this reason the music of the game was converted to an audio format. (There is a driver for FM but I had no luck with it till now.)

That's for sound but there are other minor changes too.
The hit box of the players had been reduced and now it is at the size of the infant. Remeber that in single player mode you control both so the height of the hitbox for single player is 4 pixels taller.

This change was made cause the NeoGeo version have more enemies and enemy bullets on screen from the MegaDrive version. This had done cause the object pools used for the game increased in size thanks to the more powerful machine. The stages remain the same by the way.

Another change is that now the cool down of the dash became smaller. This means that you can dash more frequently and as a result you can shoot more bullets this way.

I believe that with those changes the game became balanced once again if not more.

The game still does not have menu or continue screen or tutorial etc. there are just the stages but those stages and the gameplay have the final form.

But the best news are left for the end of this post.

The .neo file was tested on a real NeoGeo AES with a NeoSD and it works as expected without any problems. If you haven't tried the previous version then you may do not know that there was a green "courtain" over the output turning everything "greenish" and a heavy screen tearing in the upper left of the screen. All those problems are now fixed and tested thanks to the actual creator of NGFX Sound Builder "blastar" how tested the first version and new were the problem was. Also he tested the new version (this version) and he reported that everythings works without problems.

So that's it for now. Who knows what the future will bring. One thing is for sure.

The Fututre is Now.

NGFX Sound Builder can be found at the creator's site :


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Sep 12, 2021

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