A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A conversion of all Plato's Dialogues to a Kinetic Visual Novel for the Sega Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis) and Android, Windows and HTML5.

The "game" was made with VNMD (based on VNDS), SGDK for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. 

And with Godot for Android, Windows and Linux (all builds are debug builds), Windows and HTML.

Versions with talkie in the name are around 1.6gb.

All art was generated with Stable Diffusion, then altered with Aseprite and Gimp.

Voices were generated with TorToiSe-tts with sample from LibriVox

All translations are by Benjamin Jowett or George Burges.

The order of the books is based on the Dramatic Dating found in this site:


The source of the game in the VNDS format is also released here.




Joypad - Keyboard

D-Pad  -  Arrows      : Navigate Choices

   A          -    A             : Advance text Normal

   B          -    Z              : Select Choice

   C          -    X              : Advance text Fast

 Start    -   Enter       : Enter/Exit Menu



Platos_Socrates.bin 3.7 MB
platos-socrates-linux.zip 1.5 GB
Version 1 96 days ago
plato_s_socrates_talkie_0.1.exe 1.6 GB
Version 1 96 days ago
Platos_s_Socrates_VNDS_1.0.zip 2.4 MB

Install instructions

The .bin file is the rom for the Mega Drive.

The .zip file is a zip with the rom and with RomBundler for easy use with Windows.

The versions with talkie in their name are the versions with voice over.

Development log


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may i suggest version numbers in the files? hard to keep track when i've updated indie games that are in development without it.



A bit late, but done, for the new version.


thank you :)


By the way, the project is finished.


very good

Thank you.