Plato's Socrates 1.0 and source code.

New Windows version.

This version is created with Godot like the one for Android.

Just included here to make it easier for Windows users to "play" the VN.

Other versions just got a very small update. Just a back option in the menus.

VNDS (Source Code) release.

I also release and the game in the VNDS format.

This means that I am giving up the source of the game.

This way now it can run with any VNDS interpreter.


That I consider the project finished, there is nothing more to do and as the source is released people now can change the graphics if they do not like the AI generated.

P.S. I bet this will never happen for free.


Platos_Socrates.bin 3 MB
Oct 02, 2023 4 MB
Oct 02, 2023
plato_s_socrates_1.0.exe 48 MB
Oct 02, 2023
plato_s_socrates_android_1.0.apk 27 MB
Oct 02, 2023 2 MB
Oct 02, 2023

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