A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A Homebrew Platform Puzzle Game for Sega Mega Drive aka Genesis.

It was created for 60Hz machines but it will work and for 50Hz, it will be just slower.

Reach the top of 10 levels to get the Satyr out of Hell.


D-Pad move.

A and Direction Push a Cube to the given direction. (first push A)

B look around.

C Undo.


You cannot climb a cube from the side, you can only climb from the front.

Black Cubes are cubes in the back and by pressing Up you can grab them.

Then by pressing the A button you can Pull them to the front and later on push them or climb them.

You will have to solve puzzles in speed as the lava is raising.

You can only die from Lava.

Reach the top on Hard to go to the Next Level.

WARNING: Even thought the game have Novice and Easy Mode the game will advance only if the stage is completed in Hard Mode.


The game was made with SGDK

Graphics were made with Aseprite

Music with Deflemask

Sounds used from freesound.org






Install instructions

The bin file is for MegaDrive.

The zip file comes with the bin and with rombundler so you can unzip it and run the exe file without the need of other emulators.


Satyr In Hell.bin 512 kB
Satyr In Hell_with_Bundler.zip 1 MB

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