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Procedural Chaos

A dual stick shooter.

Each Egg you break will create two Infants, Infants will grow to become Berserkers and Berserkers will grow and become Copters.

Copters will grow and die. They are going to spawn two spores after their death.

Each enemy you destroy (Infants, Berserkers) will spawn a Spore and the Copter two Spores. If a Spore touches an Egg, becomes an Infant and breaks the Egg.

Infants touching with Besrserkers become Berserkers

Infants touching a Spore will become Berserkers.

If you shoot a Spore it will become a your Spore and you can drag it to yourself by shooting it, if you touch your Spores they become your Eggs.

If two Spores collides then they become an Egg.

If the you shoot an Egg of yours then those Eggs shoot too.

Berserkers shoot at you when they are created and when they collide with the edges of the stage. They die if they collide with your Eggs and they break your Egg. They are trying to accelerate towards you.

Copters destroy Eggs. They break their Eggs and yours without dieing. They keep a direction and speed and bounce.

If you touch the edges you are starting to convert to an enemy. You must move out of the edges before one second passes.

Two game modes. The arcade mode where if the level score goes below the death score you lose the game and the Free Mode where you can select the starting level and you never get a game over.


WASD and ARROW KEYS for movement

Mouse to point and shoot.

Joystick Support, left stick for movement and right stick for shooting

Touch Joystick for Android


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