Power Kick is a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game created with SGDK.

You can download the rom and play it over an emulator or added to a flash card and play it over the actual hardware.


A. Jump

B. Attack

Forawrd and Attack Kick. Just Attack Punch.

Double jump or Up and Jump for a bigger jump.

Down and Jump to jump down from platforms.

If an enemy is down dizzy go over him and press Attack to power kick him.

Flying enemies will hit other enemies.

10 stages and one boss.

StatusIn development
TagsBeat 'em up, Mega Drive, Retro, Sega Genesis, sgdk
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


power_kick_demo.zip 232 kB

Install instructions

Play it with an emulator for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis of you choise.


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Hi, I was playing Power kick on a couple of emulators, and loving the game.  However, I noted something strange when playing on real hardware with a flash cart.  There is no sound when playing from a Mega SD or a Mega Everdrive.  Just curious, could this be something to do with the header?  Maybe a region error or a checksum issue?  Thanks.


I really don't know. 

I played Power Kick on MD2 (EU PAL) and MD1(EU PAL but modded to act as NTSC) with Everdrive X3 and I had no problems.

Also, the region header part is JUE.

hm, I'll mess around with my hardware and see if I can figure something out.  Thanks for getting back to me.

Don't mess with the hardware, please.

Also, a new Power Kick is coming. I will probably have the demo up before Christmas.


Hey, that's exciting news

The demo is out. Please inform me about your experience with the game.


Thanks for the Support.


How do you embed the genesis game into HTML5? I'd love to be able to make my genesis games playable on browser


I used this


thank you :D


great game