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Nice, really impressive work!


Soon (probably today) the engine of the game will be released here on


Wow, very cool! Just yesterday I created this list of Mega Drive coding resources, would you mind if I added your code when you publish it?

I know that we spoke about this on discord but for the sake of complition thanks.

And here is the link:


Hey there! I'm curious about this browser emulator. I also develop with SGDK and would like an online solution.



It's this one :

The problem with this is that it supports only joypad and if a frame in the sound department is lost then you loose a frame in the entire game.

I made some small changes to this to have keyboard suport and a little extremely naive change in the sound that gave me worse sound but more stable frame rate.

I had posted my version over the discord

Hope this link works.


Thanks! Yeah, I imagine it's not great emulation. But sometimes I just want to showcase the demo in a more interactive way, without requiring too much hassle from people.